Pinup Girl

Pinup Girl

When you think “Pinup Girl” the first though that comes to mind may be of those scantily clad vixens posed provocatively in Snap-On Tool Calendar pages or the unforgettable American fetish pinup Bettie Page.

Picture in Flickr CC by CynElena
Bernie Dexter in Whirling Turban, Fascinator CynElena

It is quite true that the original pinup models were the sex symbols of their day and that their images gave happiness, hope and inspiration to the G.I.’s during World War II, but there is much more than sleazy-easy sex appeal to the pinup style. After all, glamorous and talented actresses in the 1930s and 1940s like Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich were considered pin up girls just as much as Jeanne Russell, Lana Turner and Betty Grable were, and Bette Davis’ personality is what really made her gorgeous.

Pinup girl style today looks back to the idealized glamour of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, but is inextricably linked today with burlesque shows, rockabilly music and custom cars. Modern cheesecake ladies combine their vintage outfits with tons of tattoos and hair dyed in primary colors and may even decorate their home in retro designs to complete their modern pinup girl lifestyle.

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Fearless and modern with no qualms about enhancing her natural assets, pun most definitely intended, a pinup girl has confidence in her natural form, and takes pride in the grooming and formality necessary to achieve the pinup look. Sharing their strong feminine identity with the world, modern pinup ladies take the old styles a few steps forward and showcase bad-ass jewelry and patterns within their look like skulls, tattoo flashes or suggestive red cherries and barbed wire on top of their heavy ink.

A pinup girl today rejects the modern fashion trend that encourages unhealthy stick-thin women who would rather die than have a muffin top to keep on exercising and dieting in order to fit into H&M designs. Instead, she buys her clothing from designers and boutiques like Starlets and Harlots, Modemerr or Bettie Page Clothing and ‘structures her assets’ with corsets from Bibian Blue and exquisite lingerie from purveyors such as Kiss Me Deadly and Secrets in Lace. She steps out in style each day of the year and never for a moment regrets the figure she was born with.