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Long Live Legs in Vintage Hosiery

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Long Live Legs in Vintage Hosiery

Pin up girls everywhere know that it’s often what’s underneath that counts, and that includes genuine vintage hosiery. So much of the rockabilly and pin up look emphasizes long legs in playful thigh high vintage stockings and garters!

ars vivendi - Vintage Hosiery
Veronika in Redcat 7 and Ars Vivendi

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It’s essential to find the perfect panty hose stockings to complete your retro look. The world of vintage hosiery stretches to many styles from seamless nylon to opaque tights to retro seamed stockings. Which is which and how does a girl choose? One important piece of information to know while you shop for vintage hosiery is the term denier.

secrets in lace Vintage Hosiery
Secrets in Lace

Denier refers to the number of threads woven into vintage hosiery (or any stockings for that matter) and affects how sheer or opaque the stockings are. A sheer pair of pantyhose is around 15 denier, while opaque black tights higher, around 75 denier. Most retro seamed or thigh high vintage hosiery will stay in the 15 denier range.


For a more burlesque or rockabilly look, fishnet stockings are a classic choice. The contours of fishnet vintage stockings accentuate the curves of the calf and thigh, flattering and drawing attention to those pin up girl legs. Online shops that carry sexy collections of burlesque themed vintage hosiery include Ars Vivendi and Cervin Paris.

sweet-pins Vintage Hosiery
Sweet Pins

Besides nylons, hold ups, and vintage stockings, these shops also offer a wide selection of vintage lingerie as well. For one of the biggest selections of colors and styles in vintage hosiery online, Sweet Pins fine hosiery is the place to go. There shoppers can find seamed black stockings or seamless nylons in a variety of denier thicknesses and styles from thigh high to knee high to high waist.

Revival Lingerie

Vintage stockings abounds in feminine lace, sexy garter belt hold ups, and fun rockabilly polka dot patterns. Stockings and Romance is another shop featuring vintage lingerie and vintage stockings that aim for the more Hollywood pin up girl look.

cervin Vintage Hosiery
Cervin Paris

Vintage hosiery is the definite go-to way to put a little drama and retro style into any outfit. Even if those vintage stockings are mostly hidden beneath a sweet skirt, they shout to passers-by that these legs are lovely from thigh to toe!