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Pinup Fashion

Pinup Fashion

Voluptuous, sensual and decidedly feminine, modern pinup fashion is a fresh and sexy take on the classic pinup girl look immortalized by models from Betty Grable to Bettie Page and by pinup artists like Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas.

Model: Veronika, Make Up: Louisa Kunstmann
Photo: see2feel, Outfit: Pinup-Couture
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Retro, sweet and innocent pinup swimsuits take on a rockabilly edge when paired with lots of ink, a sense of camp and candy-colored hair. But pinup fashion today can be as classic and classy as modern burlesque performer Dita Von Teese’s style and as filled with glamour as Hollywood in the 1930s.

Let’s face it, fashion today fits very few real ladies and who has time to work out 4 hours a day eating only broth for muscles like Madonna’s? More importantly: who really wants to look like an emaciated bodybuilder when they can work with what they were born with and be sexier without all the fuss and hunger pangs. Modern pin up fashion stores like Pin Up Couture, Dismantled Fashions and Bernie Dexter Clothing are here to the rescue providing perfect pinup styles for ladies big and small.

Pulling off pinup fashion takes guts. Covering looks from smoking-hot calendar vixen to downright demure girl-next-door, pinup fashion works with a woman both inside and out. Personality comes first when choosing a pin up outfit. Are you a glamour-puss? Don a satin bombshell with matching high, high heels like Whirling Turban’s Chinese Bombshell Dress. Are you naughty yet nautical? Then squeeze into the ‘Hello Buoys’ wiggle dress from designer Moxie Minx. Feeling daytime-cute and authentically retro? Slip on a Vivien of Holloway Day Dress with a square neck and circle skirt made from vintage patterned cotton.

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Once the style has been selected, the classic design and tailored fit of modern pinup clothing hugs, squeezes, pushes, lifts and lets wiggle free the most sexual parts of the female body exposed for all the world to see and admire. Pinup fashion creates a slim waste and an hourglass shape while lending a nostalgic flavor to its teasing sex appeal. Who would think that so little skin shown could imply so much? But rather than hitting you over the head with body exposure, a true pinup look takes its heat from innuendo and lets the imagination do the rest.