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Vintage Fashion: Making the Old into the New

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Vintage Fashion: Making the Old into the New

The term vintage fashion is used all over the place today and seems to mean a variety of different things to different people. In fact, the word vintage simply means old – so what is the difference between an 1800’s hoop skirt and a 1950’s pin up dress?

Vintage Fashion

Pinup Empire Clothing

Can they both be vintage fashion? Actually, in the fashion world, the term vintage refers to clothing that is twenty to one hundred years old. Today, this could refer to clothing from the 1900’s through the 1990’s – quite a large span!

For Luna

However, the most popular vintage clothing and the style that is most often referred to by this term today is the classic look of the decades surrounding the 1950’s. It is in this era that we find pin up dresses, crinoline skirts, polka dot blouses and red cherry prints. These styles may be over fifty years old, but they have never been more popular or widely available as they are today.

Frozen Hibiscus

Several online shops carry vintage designs in a variety of sizes and styles. A few of the most classic pin up dress shops for vintage fashion include Unique Vintage, Top Vintage, and Lady Vintage. These sites offer the biggest variety of styles and vintage accessories to make a retro outfit for any occasion.

rockabilly swing dress
Ticci Rockabilly

Other brands specialize in specific styles, like Succubus or 20th Century Foxy for dresses, Esther Williams for retro swimwear, or Marlenes Toechter for high waist pants and blouses. From feminine floral prints to rockabilly icons and jeans, vintage fashion is pretty and plentiful wherever you look.

what katie did girdles
What Katie Did

No outfit is complete without accessories, and there are lots of shops and brands that cater to the smaller parts of each vintage outfit as well. Stores like Trashy Diva offer a wide selection of vintage accessories including hats, purses, and jewelry to match any pin up outfit.

black audrey hepburn dress
Lady Vintage

Dig for Victory clothing even features just the fabrics in floral prints, polka dots, and stripes so you can make your own unique vintage look. No matter the time or the place, it’s certain that there is a vintage fashion item perfectly suited for the classic look you want.