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Crinoline Skirts and Petticoats: What and Where to Find Them

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Crinoline Skirts and Petticoats: What and Where to Find Them

We all know that when it comes to beauty, it’s what’s on the inside that matters most. That’s why most vintage fashion dresses and skirts would not be the gorgeous pieces they are without the hidden layer of crinoline petticoats underneath.


Crinoline Skirts & Petticoat Dresses

Kingpin Vienna
Kingpin Vienna

Without a crinoline skirt to hold it up, your pin up skirt or rockabilly wedding dress would only fall flat. Just like true inner beauty, crinoline petticoats are where the real fashion magic happens.


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Crinoline skirts first appeared as a Victorian fashion in hoop skirts and were made of stiff horse hair to give dresses their distinctive round shape in the early 19th century. Today, most crinoline petticoats are made of plastic weave fabric that is still able to hold up voluminous fabric layers such as would be found in a wedding dress.

Charlott Atelier

These modern petticoats can be completely hidden beneath a gown or be a fun part of a rockabilly dress. On sites like PetticoatShops.com and Petticoats A Plenty, crinoline skirts come in a variety of bold colors to contrast with the skirt layers on top for an edgy rockabilly look.


Pin up style petticoats definitely give an added flounce to any dress, but the rockabilly wedding dress brings this look to a whole new level of gorgeous. Many retailers, like Atelier Belle Couture, sell the crinoline petticoat as part of the dress for an easy one piece ensemble.

Vivien Of Holloway
Vivien Of Holloway

Others, like Vivien of Holloway or Outsiders.biz, offer just the petticoat portion in different colors and styles. This option allows you to mix and match for a custom look suitable for a unique wedding dress or party outfit. As a separate piece, one petticoat can be used under an entire wardrobe of retro dresses and skirts so be sure when purchasing your next vintage outfit to include the crinoline!

Atelier Belle Couture

While many rockabilly dresses and vintage circle skirts can look good without a petticoat, the crinoline skirt gives your retro outfit a literal boost of fashion fun. In new colors, trims, and lengths, it’s easy to find a crinoline petticoat for every pretty dress and savvy skirt in your closet!

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