Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing

The term vintage clothing typically has to do with previously used, second hand garments that belonged to someone else and were “stylish” during a previous era. Vintage clothing is usually at least 25 years old and reflects the style of the particular era it is from.

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Often times, vintage clothing is sought out to bring back a previous style and create a new, modern look with something that was popular many years ago. Vintage is a more elegant term for repurposed or “old” clothes.

Vintage clothing has become increasingly popular in the new Millenium with rockabilly, pin up, and retro styles coming back into popularity. The styles of the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s are the most popular vintage eras, with bright colors, feminine silhouettes, and fun patterns making up most of their clothing. Flowing skirts, form fitting corsets and sky-high stiletto pumps complete the look of many vintage clothing outfits.

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There are plenty of retro, rockabilly, and pin up boutiques that sell clothing to reflect vintage styles that are often found in the most stylish woman of the 1950’s closet. Secrets in Lace sells elegant, flowy, vintage style lingerie that shows off the inner Bettie Page in every woman. Nicole Katherine Designs is another boutique chock-filled with vintage inspired fashions from June Cleaver dresses to fancy rockabilly styles. For retro vintage inspired clothing, check out Cats Like Us, a rockabilly fashion boutique for the feminine sex kitten in women of all ages and sizes.

Vintage clothing comes in literally every style, since it can come from so many different era’s that reflect different trends. Women who are into flowing and elegant lace styles, brightly colored retro styles, or seductive pin up styles can all find vintage clothing that suits their personal taste. Many women choose to wear vintage clothing because it allows for originality and creativity that cannot be obtained from purchasing new clothing items in department stores, plus it is less expensive and considerably more unique. A woman with a keen vintage taste knows how to wear her clothes with confidence and style them in a way that represents an entirely different era while still looking fashionable, adventurous and fun.