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Take Vintage Fashion from Day to Night with a Retro Nightie

Sure, there are lots of gorgeous pin up girl dresses and rockabilly outfits out there for looking vintage beautiful during the day, but what’s a girl to do when it’s finally time for bed?

Retro Nightwear & Loungerie

Glamour Bunny
Glamour Bunny

Sleep doesn’t need to be the end of a day’s fashion. After all, women in the 1950’s wore pajamas too! And that’s where retro nighties come in: to feel comfy and stylish even in your own bedroom.

Betty Blues Loungerie Photo: Iberian Black Arts
Betty Blues Loungerie
Photo: Iberian Black Arts

While the term loungewear can conjure images of cute burlesque outfits and vintage corsets, there is still a whole different realm of retro nightwear in retro nighties. No uncomfortable boning or ties to fiddle with, just the relaxing comfort of a free flowing nightgown with all the charm of 1950’s fashion.

Ava and Rose Boutique
Ava and Rose Boutique

Brands like Glamour Bunny host a wide selection of retro nighties in different sizes and lengths so everyone can feel comfortable and look beautiful even after the sun sets. Breathable cotton nightgowns like those at Glamour Bunny are not cinched at the waist or hips, but give a feminine flow in pretty pastels to your nighttime wardrobe.

Dollhouse Bettie
Dollhouse Bettie

Alternatively, go bold with a bright cherry red or sensuous midnight black nightie. In long or short sleeves, or even sleeveless styles, these pin up girl looks are perfect for any season of the year. For a little fancier take on the retro nightie, opt for a nightgown of silk or satin and trimmed with lace, like those found at Silver Screen Loungerie. Two piece camisole sets or simple silk lounging pajamas also bring some glamour to your nightly routine.

Unique Vintage
Unique Vintage

Beautiful chiffon nightgowns at Blue Velvet Vintage seek to capture the authentic vintage nightgown look of Mad Men and other classic boudoir scenes from Hollywood. These gorgeous retro nighties make bedtime a little more glamorous than your everyday cotton pajamas.

glamour bunny
Glamour Bunny

Nighttime fashion doesn’t need to be all about burlesque busts and coquettish corsets. Vintage fashion icons all over the world sleep peacefully in pretty retro nighties that make pin up girl fashion comfy and cozy. Snuggle up in one of these stylish clothing options and dream of the true meaning of beauty rest.

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