Retro Dresses

Retro Dresses

Retro dresses are made to flatter women of all shapes, sizes and ages, while reflecting the Vintage and Rockabilly styles of the 1940’s, ‘50’s, and ’60’s era. They are made with colorful, pattern-filled fabrics and go from skin tight sexy styles to vibrant, flowing and ruffled skirts.

Model: Veronika, Makeup: Louisa Kunstmann, Photo: See2Feel
Outfit: Silvie Jungbluth Design

Women of all sizes can pull off retro dresses, as they are not tailored for one specific woman. They embrace curves and femininity and are not for the faint of heart. It takes a bold attitude and fierce confidence to truly pull off a retro dress with perfect style and grace.

Retro dresses often come in a variety of bright colors and bold patterns. Leopard print, zebra stripes and polka dots are just some of the popular retro dress patterns. Bright yellows, reds and pinks mixed with black and white accents, sharp belts and funky buttons. Modemerr is one popular boutique specializing in retro dresses, while Purrrfect Pineapples and Poison Candy Fashion provide the perfect accessories to complete your look. No retro dress is complete without sky-high stiletto pumps, a thick statement belt, and bold eyeliner and bright red lipstick. A true retro dress reflects the classic style within each woman, embracing her curves and femininity while accenting her true beauty and personal style.

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Stop Staring Clothing and Get Go Retro are two popular boutiques that sell retro dresses. And since no retro dress or outfit is complete without sexy undergarments, What Katie Did provides everything you need to complete your outfit from the inside out including vintage lingerie and slinky, seductive slips and undergarments.

Retro dresses can suit any woman and her personal taste. No matter how girly or tomboy-ish a girl may seem, there is a retro dress out there for her. Since military was such an integral part of the retro era, there are even sailor and military inspired dresses from a variety of boutiques, particularly Pony Maedchen, a shop representing pin up and military inspired dresses and other pieces of clothing. If the retro sailor look suits you well, look no further than this shop.

Personal style is key to looking sexy in retro dresses, so find something that reflects who you are and you’ll be rocking a fierce retro look in no time!