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Rockabilly Jeans: The Staple for a Classic Wardrobe

Rockabilly Jeans: The Staple for a Classic Wardrobe

What article of clothing is more essential and versatile than classic denim rockabilly jeans?

Rockabilly Jeans


They have been around for decades and aren’t showing any signs of fading. Jeans are a girl’s instant go-to item and there is a host of shops and brands with perfect rockabilly jeans styles to choose from.

Suicide Glam

Whether you’re headed out on the town or lounging around home in style, Freddies of Pinewood is a one stop shop for vintage style rockabilly jeans and pants. Specializing in 1940’s and 1950’s fashion, they have a whole section devoted to retro jeans, pants, and even dungarees. You’ll find high waist button jeans for that recognizable rockabilly silhouette that hugs your curves perfectly.

Vivien Of Holloway

Freddies of Pinewood even has some jean jackets to match for a denim outfit that is sure to delight.
Rumble 59 has the right idea with their signature slogan, “Denim Without a Cause.” Since 2003, they’ve been bringing the rockabilly style of a 1959 American town to fashion stars around the globe.


They host a wide selection of jeans, trousers, shorts, pants and even overalls for girls and guys. Wide or skinny leg, capris cut or long, Rumble 59 has a pair of jeans for every retro scene. Their cavalier rockabilly attitude is plain to see in the rest of their vintage clothing as well.

Redcat 7

Ready for more of your favorite rockabilly jeans brands? Queen Kerosin and the matching King Kerosin are not just about punk t-shirt designs, but they carry blue jeans as well to complete the look. Browse through their sale items for men and women to find your signature fit.

Vecona Vintage

Finally, Prison Blues lives up to its name with authentic jeans made by the inmates of an actual prison in Oregon, USA. Here are traditional blue denim jeans, also available in black and with different button and pocket options. Not only will you rock that classic vintage look, you’ll shine with the confidence of helping instill the hardworking spirit known to jeans in individuals aspiring to the work ethic of productive citizens.

Nicole Katherine Designs

Anytime of year, rockabilly jeans are the staple of your vintage wardrobe. Keep rocking that retro style!