Artifice Clothing – PVC Pinup Clothing

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Artifice Clothing – PVC Pinup Clothing

Pin up clothes and costumes are one of the many styles at Artifice Clothing, a specialty retailer of PVC outfits and accessories.

Photo by SideShowSito – Model: Mosh

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Whether you are searching for rockabilly or burlesque styles, you can find them here with a unique twist on the well known classics. For a fun take on the burlesque theme, Artifice Clothing has corsets galore! Whether your style is an overbust corset as a top all on its own or an underbust to accentuate the rest of your outfit, there are a variety of colors to choose from.

Photo by Jeff Hui – Model: Vera Baby

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Decorated with ribbon or lace trim, most of their corsets are made of shiny PVC for the hot rod leather look. You will also find creative twists on the basic corset, such as neck corsets, thigh corsets and knee corsets! This brand is convinced that the corset can make all your body’s curves look sleek and sexy.

Photo by Jeff Hui – Model: Vera Baby

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The burlesque style doesn’t stop at corsets. There are lots of spotlight worthy accessories to match, including stockings, knee socks, and gloves. You can be dressed to impress from head to toe with the variety of winning combinations.

Artifice Clothing can also supply the rockabilly star with unique dresses and ruffle tops. Their signature PVC fabric gives a punk theme for any costume or simple night out. Looking for pencil skirts or schoolgirl blouses? They’re here in very fitted and flattering cuts to show off your curves. Rockabilly dresses in bright yellow or pastel pinks abound for the perfect pin up silhouette.

Photo by Jeff Hui – Model: Vera Baby

Stripes or frills, sweet or rocking rad, these fun dresses are calling your name. Make it your own by customizing the color of the PVC fabric or lace trim. Artifice Clothing also has details about how best to care for your PVC outfit to make sure it stays looking like new. This fabric boasts your unique rockabilly flair by hugging close for a skin tight fit.

With over thirty colors to choose from, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Bold statements from top to bottom are found for the burlesque or rockabilly woman at Artifice Clothing. One thing is clear: these looks are completely unforgettable.

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