Polka Dots Fashion

Polka Dots Fashion
There may be no style more chic, cute, and versatile than the well known and well loved polka dot.

pink polkadots
Starlets & Harlets

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And rockabilly fashion is one of the best places to find it! From straight-laced black and white prints to multicolored polka dot accessories, the vintage inspired look of the 1950’s abounds with fun patterns.

polka dots wiggle dress
Lolita Girl Clothing

On this site you will find a wide variety of shops and brands featuring the beloved polka dot pattern. A great place to start is House of Dots, an artsy retro label founded in 2009. From super cute rockabilly dresses perfect for pin-up girl style to totally mod skirts and tops, their selection of polka-dotted prints is sure to please.

polka dots swimsuit
Modcloth Swimwear

Punkabilly Clothing is another gorgeous option for rockabilly fashion with polka dots as an integral centerpiece. Not only will you find a punk style polka dot dress but also polka dot swimwear and cute accessories. The chic look of black and white patterns reigns at Punkabilly, but cherry red polka dots also make a bold statement for any occasion. Dressed up or down, you can always rock your polka dotted style!

Style Icons Closet

Speaking of dressing up, Atelier Belle Couture features stunning petticoat dresses for a picture perfect rendition of 1950’s rockabilly fashion. With large and small polka dots that flatter every figure, any girl can look Hollywood gorgeous in a lovely petticoat dress. Lady V London is another vintage shop with polka dot dresses that are sure to delight. Feel cute and classic as you flounce by the ice cream parlor or roller rink looking oh-so pretty!

Gracy Q

If you’re looking for polka dots as an accent to your stunning style, Daisy Dapper carries some lovely blouses featuring dots on just the collars or sleeves. Pair one of their polka dot blouses with a solid pencil skirt for that old-time telephone operator flair. Pinup Empire Clothing also features beautiful blouses and tops with those beloved polka dots front and center.

Queen of Heartz

So whether you are looking for all out polka dotted rockabilly fashion or the subtle hint of a small polka dot pattern in your accessories, these shops and brands have you covered.