Pin Up Fashion

Pin Up Fashion

Pin up fashion is all about lined red lips, curvy hips, polka dots and cherries, leopard prints and zebra stripes, buxom busts, pencil skirts and peep-toe shoes. Glamorous, fabulously feminine and flattering to all figures, the pin up look is both a statement of individual style and an art requiring a dash of boldness to pull off.

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Decade after decade the world continues to be obsessed with pin up styles and for good reason! Classic pin up girls from the ‘30s ‘40s and ‘50s emerged during a time of greatest despair yet were filled with innocence, hope and straight-up sex appeal. Coming up on the heels of the Great Depression and gaining popularity through World War II, pin up fashions flattered the female figure like no other while combining the apparently opposite characteristics of girlish innocence and voluptuousness.

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Pin up fashions enhance what is already there, then mask or redistribute anything extra in an exceptionally becoming manner. In the 1940s, a bikini swimsuit showed what was then considered a scandalous amount of skin that currently seems almost chaste, yet they continue to this day to be undeniably sexy. Cute, colorful and distinctly sensual, pin up clothing is traditional and wholesome, enhancing female attributes while seductively covering them.

If you like pin up fashion but have no idea where to start, begin with classic retro undergarments to shape your physique, like bullet bras, girdles, corsets and nylon back-seamed stockings found in shops like Ars Vivendi, Girdlebound or Purrfect Pineapples. Next, select your silhouette; if you want your hips to appear curvier, choose a pencil skirt, or narrow your waistline with a circle skirt over a petticoat. For an evening out grab a rockabilly dress from stores like My Baby Jo or Moxie Minx. For daytime choose an innocent or sophisticated day dress from Pinup Girl Clothing, Overdue or Unique Vintage. Always select styles that enhance your attributes, like a V-neck, peasant or sweetheart-collared blouse. Finally, slip into some teetering heels from Baby Girl Boutique or Starlets and Harlots, coif your hair into gentle, tumbling locks, line your eyes and paint on pouty lips to top off the pin up fashion look to perfection.

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