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Cardi-Mania: Retro-Inspired Cardigans With a Splash of Rock and Roll

Cardi-Mania: Retro-Inspired Cardigans With a Splash of Rock and Roll
Straight out of Melbourne, Australia is Cardi-Mania, an exclusive online cardigan shop that caters to pinup princesses, rockabellas, psychobilly and gothabilly gals.

Cardi ManiaAll Pictures with friendly Permission by Cardi Mania

Cardigans are a great feature related to 1950s fashion, because they are practical and have never really gone out of style. Cardigans are one of those versatile pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down, and let’s be honest — a vintage loving girl can never have too many.

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Cardigans pair well with any style skirt and also act as a layering piece to sleeveless tops and dresses. Wear them with a high-waisted pencil skirt and peep toe pumps to the office or high waisted jeans and a pair of Chucks on the weekends. While the Cardi-Mania’s collection isn’t extensive, their range in prints and designs is pretty impressive. This Australian shop focuses on a masterful combination of today’s latest trends in rock and roll with classic retro styles.

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From cardigans with buttons, without buttons, cropped or otherwise, you’ll find a variety of colors, prints and designs, such as colored leopard print, argyle with skull accents, understated polka dots and classic cherry print. Cardi-Mania truly offers something for all retro aficionados. If cardigans are your passion, this shop is right up your alley.

Lush Cherry, also out of Melbourne, is a brand featured on Cardi-Mania’s website, and these cardigans are literally made specifically for you! With the exception of Lush Cherry Kids Cardigans, each piece under this brand is made-to-order.

They showcase the perfect balance of sweet and mischievous, which usually describes most rockabellas to a tee! To really allow you to stand out from other cardigan-wearing wannabes, Cardi-Mania offers the opportunity to pay a deposit plus postage to ensure you don’t miss out on their latest and most stylish cardigans in your size.

They also offer sweater/cardigan clips by Luxuriant, another label from the creator of Lush Cherry, so you can style your cardigan just like the gorgeous women from the 1950s! Since Cardi-Mania is only dedicated to this one garment, their collection of cardigans is one of the most unique you’ll find in the vintage inspired clothing industry.

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