Pin up style

Pin up style

Dangerous curves poured into tailored swimsuits, dresses and skirts; short bangs with long curly hair, bright red lipstick and eyes top-lined with black liner finished off with false lashes. This is the classic vintage pin up style that hovers gracefully between virgin and harlot with feminine ease.

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Since the second half of the 19th century, publishers have sold drawings, paintings and photographs in magazines and calendars of curvy women arranged in suggestive poses and seductive clothing, designed to be torn out and pinned up anyplace admirers desired. Known as pin ups since the 1940’s, their popularity exploded with American troops during World War II and made Hollywood actresses like Lana Turner and Rita Hayworth and artists like Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren famous.

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Even though the pin up tradition continues today, contemporary images in Playboy are filled with surgically enhanced models in overtly sexual positions that cannot hold a candle to the subtly teasing pin up styles of yesteryear, filled with full-figured ladies and suggestive come-hither glances. Fortunately for modern pin up girls, Bernie Dexter and Dita Von Teese remind us of the right way to sport pin up style.

Modern pin up girls must work with the figure they were born with, and the more exposure, the better. Curves, curves, curves must be enhanced or created for a true pin up look. Real pin up style starts next to the skin with waist-cinching girdles, bullet bras and garters holding up seamed stockings working together to redistribute and plump up those natural feminine contours; no contemporary cheesecake chick should be without them. Authentic pin up lingerie can be found in online shops like Kiss Me Deadly, What Katie Did and Secrets in Lace, among others.

Next the outfits, which must be tailored to fit tightly, no matter what your size, and be made with brightly colored or boldly patterned fabrics such as polka dots, red cherries or animal prints. Top your look off with high heeled shoes, softly waved hair and bright red lipstick. Happily, many contemporary vintage-style clothing and accessory shops and brands exist today like Pinup Girl Clothing, Bettie Page Clothing, Baby Girl Boutique and Stop Staring! Clothing to name a few.

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