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Dismantled Fashions

Dismantled Fashions is a one-woman brand and company operating out of Central Virginia in the United States. Emily, the founder, designer, fabricator, webmaster and promoter of Dismantled Fashions founded it in 2004 and specializes in designing and sewing clothing with classic 1940s and 1950s styles with an added twist of modern rockabilly and psychobilly trash.

Vintage with a hard edge, Dismantled Fashions sells dresses, skirts and bolero shrugs in a few classic pin up and rockabilly styles with a strong emphasis on customization. Polka dots, tattoos flashes, cherries, skulls, skeletons and stretched twill are just a few of the fabric options that can be mixed and matched with lace, buttons and other notions on any dress, skirt or shrug design available at Dismantled Fashions.

To make each piece a success, Emily asks that her adored customers measure themselves carefully using the comprehensive sizing chart on her website so that every curve can be perfectly enhanced by their custom purchase.

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Emily learned to sew from her mother and from her own resourcefulness; her business, marketing and design skills were acquired from a couple of semesters in community college. Not one to stay in school or hold down a corporate job, Emily’s DIY attitude is as punk rock as her zombie momma, cheap-whiskey-drinking lifestyle and the sassy, curvy clothes she designs.

An enterprising Aries, Emily became interested in rockabilly clothing originally because, as she put it,” It’s damn flattering on us big girls!”, and started selling her handmade designs on Ebay after listing a pencil skirt she had sewn for herself that came out too small. It sold, she was inspired and continued to make and sell clothing on Ebay until she was able to create her own online shop in 2004. Now she not only sells directly from her website, but also has an etsy shop, a facebook fan page and sells clothes in selected retail stores.

Exceptionally reasonable, Dismantled Fashions’ hand-sewn custom dresses are only $55.00 at their highest price, whereas custom skirts are about $40.00 and shrugs run from $15.00 to $25.00. She ships everywhere via USPS, with free shipping on orders over $100. Because of the personalization of each item, returns are not accepted and exchanges are limited.