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Irregular Choice – Pin Up Shoes

Irregular Choice – Pin Up Shoes

For people seeking more interesting and expressive fashion, inspired by abstract art and vintage items, Irregular Choice is the shop to check out. Decked out in feathers, beads and bold prints – Irregular Choice is definitely the most different of fashionable choices.



Dan Sullivan is the British mastermind behind these quirky and artistic designs, creating a conversational piece rather than just something to wear. From crafting and carving pieces of pin up shoes from wood to untamed furry leg warmers – Irregular Choice polishes a persons wardrobe and transforms it into a unique collection of off-beat ideas.


At a very young age Dan Sullivan was designing shoes for his parents through their chain of shoe stores in Britain. He was recognized as a child prodigy in the fashion industry and was working with other designers before he even finished high school. Dan left home at the age of 14 and opened his own shop when he was just 18 . Soon Dan had the yearning for wanderlust and began trekking all around the world. This is where he gathered all his future thoughts and designs for his decorative and dramatic collections.


Irregular Choice isn’t just an online store, Dan has opened shops in the United Kingdom, the United States, China and Israel.


Celebrities also seem to flock to Sullivan’s unusual assortments of clothes, shoes and accessories. Kat Von D, Keith Lemon, Soulja boy, Rita Ora and Whoopi Goldberg have all been spotted sporting a more irregular sense of fashion. Being worn in music videos and being seen in magazines across the world, these bright caravan themed shoes and tribal collars aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Dan incorporates so many different aspects of cultures and time periods into his pieces while staying true to his vibrant imagination. With fabrics that have patterns of deer, polka dots, asymmetrical designs and the famous irregular horse shoe – Dan Sullivan’s irregular collections for men and women are something to talk about. It may take a bold individual to pull of such bold looks but Irregular Choice has a little something for everyone. From being cute to down right bizarre, this online store carries pieces of Dan’s wonderland in every stitch.