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Pencil Skirt for Pinup Girls and Rockabellas

Rockabellas and Pinup Girls: Keep Your Eye Out for Two Characteristics

Aspiring pinup girls and rockabellas gravitate to fashion from the 1940s and the 1950s so naturally, pencil skirts are a staple item in their closets. In the past, a form fitting pencil skirt constricted movement because they were ankle length.

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Today, they are more comfortable because they are typically found in at a knee-length. They can be worn for any type of occasion and are available in many types of prints, materials and colors. Here are some ideas and examples from online stores so you can wear a pencil skirt every chance you get.

silvie jungbluthPencil Skirt by Jungbluth Design

Everyday Use
If you have to run errands, don’t settle for jeans and sneakers. Pencil skirts can be paired with with any type of blouse or t-shirt, which makes it a perfect item for a woman to wear everyday. One with a bow from Modcloth or with a nautical theme from Retro Vixens is just as versatile as a neutral colored pencil skirt. Look classy while grocery shopping with a pair of peep toe pumps or wear high-top sneakers for a great rockabilly look.

Work Attire
If you work in an office doesn’t mean you have to leave your vintage style at home. Bettie Page’s Catwalk Black or checkered pencil skirt pair well with a button up blouse and cardigan. They make great additions to business outfits and are so easy to wear. They translate well from day to night so you can easily leave your office and attend your business dinner in style.

Date Night
Finally, every girl likes to have a little fun, and if you want to leave an impression on your date, you’ll want to wear something memorable. A leather high waisted skirt from Retro Kitten Apparel or an eye-catching pencil skirt from Zombie Kitten gives even the most dainty girl an edgy look.

Zombie Kitten, Modcloth, Retro Kitten Apparel, Bettie Page Clothing and Retro Vixens are just a handful of online shops that have great pencil skirts and other retro and vintage clothing. There should be no excuse for a woman to not feel sexy and feminine with all the fabulous clothing available online.