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Betty Blue’s Loungerie: Bringing Luxury to Lounge Wear

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Betty Blue’s Loungerie: Bringing Luxury to Lounge Wear

UK indie lingerie shop, Betty Blue’s Loungerie, is causing a buzz across the Internet amongst lingerie, burlesque and pin-up blogs.

Luxus TagwäschePhoto: Iberian Black Arts
All pictures with friedly permission by bettie Blue’s Loungerie
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The label carries a small and expensive but respectable and glamorous collection of lingerie and lounge wear. You won’t find flannel pajamas or sweat pants here. This shop is for women who are inspired by vintage Hollywood glamour and will pay the price for decadence and comfort.

pin up NachtwäschePhoto: Iberian Black Arts

The lingerie and lounge wear in this shop is nothing ordinary or practical. Any woman who embraces the rockabilly, burlesque and pin-up aesthetic and lifestyle will want to add a little more luxury from the Betty Blue’s Loungerie collection to their closet. Any piece in the shop is dreamy and can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes.

pin up nightieIberian Black Arts

The Nell Robe is a signature Betty Blue design. The full length robe is made from a slinky satin and is one of the most popular pieces in the collection. The intricate lace clings on to a woman’s most important curves and manages to reveal and conceal just enough to let the imagination run wild. It’s no wonder this robe sells out fast. It’s perfect for a little extra night time fun or if you just want to look fabulous while relaxing at home.

NachtwäschePhoto: Iberian Black Arts

The Bettie Robe is available in a ravishing peach or leopard print satin or in a warm but stylish red polka dotted fleece fabric. It’s part of the Betty Collection. This style robe features full sleeves and is a full length wrap around. The Peach Bettie Robe radiates a 1940s glamour vibe, while the Fleece Betty Robe gives off an instant classic retro feel in a bright red polka dotted pattern. By cinching the waist, the Bettie Robe accentuates every woman’s hourglass figure.

satin tagwäschePhoto:  Tigz Rice Studios

The assortment of velour suits, frilly baby dolls, lavish bed jackets and briefs are daring, yet feminine and exude vintage and pin-up appeal. Every item screams decadence, glamour and comfort all the way down to the luxurious padded satin clothes hangers that are available for sale. It’s safe to say, Betty Blue’s Loungerie has brought exquisiteness back to lounge wear.