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Miss Bamboo – Vacation Wear for Vintage Ladies

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Miss Bamboo – Vacation Wear for Vintage Ladies

Inspired by summer days at the beach and foreign lands, Miss Bamboo has created a unique online shop for all vintage ladies. From rockabellas to pin-up divas, Miss Bamboo specializes in delivering top quality retro dresses for everyone! What really separates this shop from the other vintage boutiques is it’s spotlight on vacation wear during the golden ages.

All pictures with friendly permission by Miss Bamboo

Miss Bamboo is the alter-ego of the store’s owner, emerging after she found her love for 1940s glamor as well as falling in love with the culture of the fifties. Growing up she constantly submersed her mind and imagination in old TV shows and started drifting farther and farther away from the modern world. Today she runs her online store from the United Kingdom and focuses on bringing life into the past, especially the excitement of old-fashion travel and straw hats.


To describe her collections as ‘vacation wear’ is a little vague considering what she really offers are assortments of inspired outfits from not only America but Hawaii and tropical islands, Mexico and Asia. Keeping the clothes as historically accurate as possible, she hand picks and designs all her dresses, shoes and jewelry to fill the shop with exotic possibilities.

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The Americana collection is stocked full of classic dress designs of the 1940s and 1950s. With atomic print and polka dots both 40s and 50s ladies will fall head over heels for her halter and wiggles dresses.

For the Hawaiiana and Tropical collection say goodbye to dots and stripes and say hello to palm tree leaves and ruby red tropical flowers! This collection of simple wrap dress and bamboo handbags are great for vacationing around lush islands and lounging about on luxurious cruise ships!

The Mexicana and Latino collection is of course a fiesta of colors and stunning patterns. Full of zest, this simple collection of dazzling dresses, skirts and shoes are sure to make a lady pant from the smoldering stylish heat.

The Asian Pacific collection is an elegant medley of silk floral kimono style dresses and classic cheongsams. Definitely a blast from an exotic past, these soft and shimmering dresses will add exotic beauty to a ladies closet.

One must not forget to purchase real bamboo bangles and colored bamboo parasols to complete the look of a true fashionable adventurer. Miss Bamboo is opening new doors to vintage fashion and opening minds to foreign lands in the past. A shop to definitely check out if one is thinking about taking an island vacation soon…