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Pinup Style Clothing

Pinup Style Clothing

Pinup received it’s name by literally being pictures that were pinned up onto walls as advertisements for models and actresses. Pinup photographs were a woman’s way of being noticed in show business, they were a form of business cards.

pinup style clothingDress by She’s Dynamite

Pinup has then grown into this luxurious image of curvy ladies in darling forties outfits. Pinup style clothing is now extremely popular amongst vintage loving ladies, making a come-back in the modern age.

The most well known image associated with a pin up lifestyle is provocative young women. Wearing either two piece bathing suits or being almost completely nude but never showing any of their good bits. Pinup style clothing has expanded into describing the fashion of the 1940s, even though the outfits of the forties aren’t technically pinup.

In the early 1940s World War II put a halt on making lavish and expensive dresses. The styles of the forties during the war were practical. Pin-up was very large during the war though, soldiers would hang up pinup posters and calenders while overseas. Looking at beautiful and curvacious woman was a temporary escape from the bombs and gunfire. After the war, dresses became exquisite and form fitting – paving the way towards the fashion of the 1950s and rockabilly.

Pin-up style clothing also consists of playful costumes such as female sailor and army uniforms. During the second World War women would often dress themselves in these costumes to visit American soldiers, raising moral among other things. Pinup is normally known for its display of seductive and flirtatious lingerie, sexy hosiery and garters, high heels, and simple props. Pin up model’s photo shoots were usually very energetic and playful.

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