60s Pin-Up Fashion

60s Pin-Up Fashion
The 60s was an era of change and female development, socially and fashion wise. Even though the golden age of pin-up and burlesque had faded away into a dull shine, actresses and models from the 1960s picked up the pieces with new and interesting looks and styles. The 1960s were the years of constantly changing fashion for females, from their hair to the their clothes and lingerie.

vintage dress
Dress by Senorita Martita

60s pin-up fashion was just as spunky and delightfully provocative as the the 1940s and 1950s, except the style had almost completely changed. Softly curled hair wasn’t seen as often and old-fashion stockings were pretty much thrown out the window when panty hose was invented. The hair styles of the 1960s is probably the most noticeable change. Bouffants, beehives, short androgynous hair cuts, bobs, iron straight hair with fringes, backcombed hair with high pony-tails, wearing decorated combs and slides, headscarves, pill box hats and even wigs and fake clip-in hair pieces. So, already 60s pin-up fashion has morphed from curvy old-fashion siren to very edgy and high-fashion.

If a lady is willing to make the commitment to completely destroy the O-zone layer, with the amount of hair-spray she’ll need to achieve the hair of the 60s, then the fashion of the 1960s is a good fit!

60s pin-up fashion wouldn’t be 60’s pin-up fashion without seductive lingerie and curve flattering outfits. The most popular dresses and styles in the 1960s were empire line dresses,dress jackets with broaches and buttons, duster coats, pleated skirts, straight over blouses and princess seam-lined clothes. Lingerie in the 60’s has paved the way for modern underwear today, bringing lower cut panty lines and push up-style bras and lace underwear into existence.

The 60’s became more revealing and the female fashion scene had become a lot bolder. Pinup models of the sixties were well-known attractive actresses and female models such as Twiggy, Ann Margret, Ursula Andress, Yvonne Craig and Anita Ekberg.

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