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Need to Find Rockabilly Shops? Click Here!

Some ladies just need that extra edge added to their vintage style. Growing continuously bored with simple post World War II dresses and overly conservative retro collections. For classy old-fashion divas who desire to be a little less modest and a little more rock n’ roll, rockabilly is the fashion sensation to look into!


The rockabilly style is inspired by the 1950s and is derived from the rockabilly genre of music, which was an intoxicating mixture of old fifties rock music and hillbilly blue grass tunes. Rockabilly is a laid back and rebellious style, leaning more towards the look of tough biker boys and babes in the southern United States.

Some popular rockabilly fashion choices in the fifties were tight sweaters and cardigans, full swing skirts, wiggle dresses, pencil skirts, wrap dresses, high waist bottoms, capri pants and the famous leather jacket. A good example of edgy yet classy rockabilly fifties fashion is the movie “Grease.”

Rockabilly designs and patterns have changed throughout time, instead of just polka dots and floral patterns rockabilly ladies can sport naval stripes, animal print, skulls, cupcakes and the notorious red cherries.

There are tons of rockabilly shops located amongst the web of websites that create the internet, most selling hand-made and custom-made outfits for vintage rockabellas.

Many online rockabilly shops offer more than just adorable rockabilly dresses, they offer rockabilly maternity wear, wedding apparel, men’s wear, outfits for children and infants, swimwear, accessories and much more.

Some of the best online rockabilly shops for fifties dresses and signature rockabilly attire are: DollaBella, Daddy-Os, Fifties Shops, Vivien of Holloway, ModCloth, Bettie Page, She’s Dynamite, Rockabetty, On The Trashy Side, Dress-O-Rama and Rockabilly-Shop.

For rockabilly bathing suits, these rockabilly shops specialize in creating amazing rockabilly swimwear: SugarDoll, For Luna, SirensSwimwear, Popina, Marks and Spencers, My Sister Pat and Get Go Retro.

Rockabilly shops such as TiCCi and MamaSan Maternity are great places to find retro inspired maternity wear to cover a growing a baby bump and a baby’s bottom. TiCCi also specializes in wedding apparel for women, men and children.

To list all the online rockabilly shops available at the click of a computer mouse would take hours upon hours. The shops mentioned above are great for beginner rockabellas or advanced rockabilly fashionistas.

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