Rockabilly Clothing for Women

Rockabilly Clothing for Women

The clothing industry for rockabilly ladies has grown and expanded in selection all across the globe. Catering to rockabellas of all shapes, sizes and age – rockabilly clothing for women can now transform any plain Jane into a fiery red fifties fashionista.

Rockabilly Clothing for Women

A newborn vintage babe might be wondering a simple question though: “What is rockabilly exactly?” To understand the difference between rockabilly clothing for women based off of the 1950s and pin-up outfits inspired by the 1940s, a baby rockabella must know the history behind the rockabilly style.

The term rockabilly is derived from the combination of two genres of music, rock n’ roll and bluegrass, also referred to as hillbilly music. The southern feel of a trailer park and the taste of a cheap cigar mixed with the rebellious edge of swinging rock n’ roll and red lip stick created the rockabilly fashion we know and love today. The 1950’s is the era that mothered the rockabilly uprising and the rockabilly boogie. Rockabilly clothing for women in the fifties though wasn’t always as colorful and bold as leather pants and red stiletto heels. The style and presence of a fifties rockabilly style was defined by the social class of a lady.

A more conservative rockabilly lady would sport more traditional fifties garments and dresses such as: full skirt dresses, dresses with broad collars or ‘peter pan’ collars, low heels, mary-janes, floral patterned outfits with feminine bows and polka dots. Rockabilly clothing for women today still adhere to the innocent 1950 style by incorporating dainty polka dots, bright flowers and girlish bows. Today, the innocent and classic designs of rockabilly fifties dresses can be dolled up to resemble a more rock n’ roll ensemble using signature modern day rockabilly patterns.

Rockabilly is known for its signature patterns such as: bright red cherries, small swallows, feisty cheetah and leopard spots, anchors, sailor stripes and even cross bones and skulls. Rockabilly clothing in the present day is usually based from the defiant style of bad girls in the 1950s. Think of the Pink Ladies from the movie Grease with their hair curled and tied back with colorful bandanas. Rockabilly clothing for women is sultry and full of attitude from curve hugging pencil skirts, tight sweaters, capri pants, blouses showing both shoulders, high waist two piece bathing suits and tall heels. With leather jackets and red lips, who could resist such a style?

The next question for a rockabilly lady would be: “Where do I find rockabilly clothing?” Te answer to that would be at all these fine online stores: Daddy-Os, DollaBella, TiCCi, Fifties Store, Bettie Page, Tara Starlet, Vivien of Holloway, Voodoobeat, CharlotteandJane, RockaBetty, Trash Monkey, Too Fast Online, Lucky 13, Style Icons Closet, Sugar Doll and ModCloth.

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