Rockabilly Swimwear – What To Wear!

Rockabilly Swimwear – What To Wear!

By modern day standards the swimwear of the 1950s was conservative. Modest treasures of the sand and surf. Rockabilly swimwear today still adheres to that modesty, while adding its own signature rockabilly boogie flare.

rockabilly swimwearModel: Bernie Dexter, Photo: Levi Dexter
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For rockabilly women who want to stay as true to the fifties culture as possible, it’s important to know which styles were prominent in the era of rockabilly tunes.

The most popular styles of swimwear in the 1950s were the ones that most properly flattered the female body. Since corsets had fizzled out like a used sparkler, it was up the influence of the 1940s and the new rockabilly culture to produce new undergarments and fifties swimwear. Rockabilly swimwear still retained the shape of corsets, using some boning to construct a perfect hourglass figure.

In the fifties one piece bathing suits were the big thing, since bikinis were associated with being unsavory and a little too ‘wild’. For those who wanted a more revealing look, two piece swimwear was available. The tops were broader and instead of bikini bottoms they were paired with a high waist skirt. By keeping the designs classic and adding bold patterns and vibrant shades of colors such as: large polka dots, neon zebra stripes and merry cherries – modern rockabilly swimwear can still stay true to the fifties.

It’s rare to find a vintage bathing suit from the early or mid 1900s, so the challenge of re-creating these elegant styles is set upon today’s fashion designers. Lacing thin steel boning inside a bathing suit isn’t as popular anymore but these shops are still great places to grab dibs on fifties inspired rockabilly swimwear: SugarDoll, For Luna, ModCloth, Popina, Marks and Spencers, SirensSwimwear and MySisterPat.

Rockabilly swimwear itself is usually an eye-popping piece of eye candy, with it’s leopard print fabrics and curve flattering shapes. To make those classic suits a little more naughty and playful, it’s best to accessorize properly for a trip to the beach or swimming pool. Back in the fifties, women wore wrap dresses to cover up their bathing suits and sported flower covered swim-caps to protect their curls. Today a rockabilly lady can suffice with a stylish red bandana or cute headband to keep her victory rolls safe from harm, while wearing a sarong to make her hips more sultry. If one is planing on just getting a tan and flirting with the hunky life guard, red lips aren’t a bad idea either.