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Lovechild Boudoir

Lovechild Boudoir

The dignified days of the Victorian era are far from being obsolete. Bustle skirts, corsets,old time bloomers, vintage tops and jackets aren’t just seen in museums and oil paintings of someones great grandparents anymore.

CorsetPics by Xanthe Ellis. Model Katy Padam.

All piczures with friendly Permission by Lovechild Boudoir

With the transfusion of goth, classic Victorian era garments and mechanical steampunk – Lovechild Boudoir carries an extensive handmade collection of sultry items. Classy and ostentatious, Lovechild Boudoir has caught the eye of many magazines, making appearances in “Milkcow”, “Bizarre Magazine”, “Nude” and even “Vogue”. The store’s collection of handmade retro attire is never dull, always exciting and trimmed with Gothic pin-up sex appeal.

HalsfedernPic by Andreea Virna. Model Marinela.

Jayni has been in the vintage fashion industry for over twenty years, designing and customizing antique styled pieces for stores such as: Top Shop and Urban Outfitters. In the year 2005 Jayni began to produce her own brand of aberrant yet beautiful clothing. Clinging to what she knows and loves best, vintage fashion. Being inspired by goth culture, dresses in the Victorian era, flashy cyber fashion and rustic steampunk – Lovechild Boudoir’s handmade articles of clothing are definitely rare gems.

BustlePics by Andreea Virna. Model Elizaveta Shashenkova.

Lovechild Boudoir is operated in Yorkshire, England by Jayni herself. With every thrum of the sewing machine, she breaths life into the past through her creations. A firm believer in reusing and recycling, a lot of the pieces in Lovechild Boudoir’s inventory are made from fabric scraps. Scraps from earlier bustle skirts and jackets to being completely re-made from an older piece. Being clever, artistic and knowing when and how to re-use materials has given this vintage designer a well rounded edge.

ShrugStudio pics by Christel Stol. Model & MUA Anita De Bauch.

Lovechild Boudoir is well stocked with eccentric and seductive items and offer long and short bustle skirts, shrugs, accessories, boas, breeches and bloomers, corsets, dresses, jackets, pearls and swine, shorts and hotpants, skirts, tops, vintage lingerie, plus-size fashion and wedding and bridal items.

HalskragenPic by Vania Santos. Model & MUA Ana Duarte.

Even if a vintage lady’s taste may lay more with the 1940s and the classic pin-up girl style, they should still take a peek inside Lovechild Boudoir. With all the sexy vintage lingerie and corsets, one may find a gold-mine of unique fashion options. Gothic and steampunk inspired attire is a great way to animate someone’s vintage wardrobe.