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Black Cherrys Store

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A Bowl Full of Black Cherrys

German website, Black Cherrys Store, contains elements of Victorian goth and smoldering pin-up. Designing show costumes for theaters, dance groups and even DJs. Alluring, dark, romantic, and nostalgic – Black Cherrys Store is sweet yet has a bit of fang.

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All pictures with friendly permission by Black Cherrys Store


Black Cherrys Store’s fashion designer, Nancy, is an avid costume creator. Slaving away over a hot sewing machine, her ideas just seem to pour out into glamorous dance and theater wear. Taking inspirations from vintage fashion, such as the styles of the 1940s and 1950s, and turning them into artistic gold.

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Black Cherrys Store has also designed retro Gothic outfits for a Miami DJ, who is known as Psyberpixie in the nightlife. Personally hand-making DJ Psyberpixie’s black and ruffled cyber goth outfits, Psyberpixie is an exclusive customer at Black Cherrys Store.

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Anybody can request the creation of a unique Black Cherry outfit. They’re happy to assist and sew together one-of-a-kind vintage wardrobes for performers or everyday people. Their need to bring exciting articles of pin up clothing to life is obvious, from their extravagant burlesque hair pieces to their supply of bright pink and animal printed false eyelashes.

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Of course Black Cherrys Store offers more subtle wear. Their favorite everyday vintage piece being the tunic dress. Usually all black except for the low hanging collar that comes in many different patterns. Black Cherrys Store incorporates not only gothic elements but steampunk as well. It is a newer style that fuses Victorian fashion with metallic and machinery inspired pieces. Black Cherrys Stores offers steampunk cyber shrug tops, adorable pin-up inspired tops, evening blouses with loud patterns, interesting looped scarfs, boho tunics, vintage accessories, and tantalizing off shoulder sweaters.

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Pin up inspired ladies who are in touch with their darker fashion senses can find an abundance of steamy wardrobe options. Burlesque dancers should definitely keep an eye on Black Cherrys Store for new and exciting wear. One might never know what they’ll come across.

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Cute and innocent yet so dark and mysterious, Black Cherrys Store captures the imagination of their customers with vivid detailing and unique collections. Always ready for a challenge and to see their artwork come alive on the big stage.