Rockabilly Ladies – Where to Find Rockabilly Apparel

Rockabilly Ladies – Where to Find Rockabilly Apparel

Rockabilly ladies are usually known for their perfect pompadours, retro victory rolls, and cherry or cheetah printed ensembles. The style can be classified as being a little rough around the edges, due to their need to glam up outfits by clashing prints and sporting leather jackets with bright bandanas.

Picture & Outfit: Voodoobeat

 Rockabilly fashion can be quite elegant though, since the rockabilly trend was originated and inspired from the classic 1950s. Fusing the collared dresses with old time rock n’ roll and bold fabric choices, rockabellas have become an alternative fashion sensation.

Rockabilly ladies usually struggle with their vibrant and fun fashion choice, due to scarcity and cost. Dressing vintage isn’t just a one time occasion for true blue rockabellas. Becoming a retro inspired piece of history can be challenging work, browsing through expensive hand-made garments online and scouring local thrift shops to come up empty handed.

Luckily, the internet has expanded over the years and creative designers are answering the ever persistent call of “WE NEED MORE ROCKABILLY FASHION!” From all around the world, men and women are picking up their sewing needles and revving up their sewing machines, for rockabilly ladies and gentlemen all across the land. The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, and countries spread throughout Europe have become vintage and retro hotspots.

Rockabilly fashion can branch off into more defined styles, from purely classic with twinges of swallow and skull patterns to very alternative with spiked shoulders on leopard printed jackets. For more subtle and original rockabilly fashion, from cardigans with bows to tight pencil skirts in different bold prints, rockabilly ladies should take a look at these websites:
Babygirlboutique, Bettie Page Clothing, Daddy-Os, TiCCi and Rockabetty. Fore more alternative and loud rock n’ roll inspired rockabilly pieces, wild rockabellas should check out these hip sites: Trash Monkey, Too Fast Online and Lucky 13.

With every chord the jukebox bellows, a rockabilly lady gets the confidence to own a pair of chunky red pumps. Being bold and being retro is rockabilly code. With such playful and carefree fashion, one could just imagine riding on the back of an old motorcycle. The breeze flowing through gently rolled hair.