Rock’N’Roll Dresses

Dresses That Rock’N’Roll

One might remember attending a sock hop or 1950 themed party, where the main attraction was the upbeat fashion. From poodle skirts to Rock’N’Roll dresses, the fifties had everyone jiving and dressing slick.


Rockabilly is the love child of wild Rock’N’Roll and the classy fifties, morphing and creating vintage dresses into funky pieces of 1950 inspired fashion. Add cheetah print and leather, rockabilly ladies have transformed a classic fifties dress into the ultimate Rock’N’Roll dress.

Today, Rock’N’Roll dresses still keep that swing skirt bottom for the most part, the fabrics and prints are just bolder and filled with radiant energy. Growing into a more alternative fashion sense, Rock’N’Roll dresses have become a popular choice for vintage ladies. Especially vivacious rockabellas with their bright hair and intense cat eyes. Most women with an eye for the old fashion, tend to want to keep their Rock’N’Roll dresses at longer lengths to really depict the past. Rockabilly twinges have made the dresses a little shorter and a little more sexier, but all and all rockabilly fashion has preserved the overall design of fifties Rock’N’Roll dresses. Though poodle skirts aren’t as in demand anymore, only living for a short while until fizzling out, some websites such as Annie Poodle Skirts still carry them.

As for websites to find rockabilly Rock’N’Roll dresses, the best choice would be: Suicide Glam, Daddy-Os, Vivien Of Holloway, DollaBellas, ModCloth, Fifties Store, Bettie Page, DollyDagger and Cats Like Us. All rockabilly, fifties and Rock’N’Roll inspired dresses.

What makes a dress Rock’N’Roll though? Back in the day it was the ability to move freely. To swing dance and jive around the dance floor or sway to the upbeat jukebox songs. Today, designers are trying to recapture that magic and place themselves in the fifties. Rockabilly has kept the fun and bubbly atmosphere of old time Rock’N’Roll, capturing its freedom and wild heart with alternative prints and patterns.

A true Rock’N’Roll dress is what you make it, it’s what you wear when you’re completely free and completely stylish.