Where to Find Pin-Up Maternity Wear?

Where to Find Pin-Up Maternity Wear?

Vintage inspired maternity wear is in short stock. Sure, there are dozens of websites that may carry one or two pin-up pieces, but usually the apparel can never hold a candle to true 1940s and 1950s maternity wear.

rockabilly maternity wear

Around the fourth month or so of pregnancy, pin up ladies begin to feel their form fitting dresses tighten around their tummies. Around the seventh month, even their sundresses begin to become a little too short. That’s if they’re lucky to be expecting during warm months. What’s a vintage woman suppose to do during the bitter cold months of autumn and winter? Even though pinup maternity wear in the fashion industry is still very undeveloped, one might even say it’s in it’s first trimester, some retro ladies have taken a stand.

rockabilly maternity dress

A few courageous pin-up divas were tired of sporting hideous parachute pants with ugly pea colored maternity blouses, that do nothing for the female figure. Expecting and in desperate need of retro fashion, pin-up maternity wear was born for ladies all over.

pin up maternity wear

Being pregnant can take a lot out of a woman. She doesn’t feel like dealing, with not only swollen feet and a sore back, but not being able to find a single article of clothing that fits and makes her feel beautiful. That is why these websites are perfect for taking that weight off her shoulders.

rockabilly maternity wear

From pin-up maternity wear to rockabilly, online shops such as TiCCi, MamaSan Maternity and PinUp Mama are all amazing websites for expecting vintage mothers. Carrying sailor themed dresses, pencil skirts that grow with the expanding bellies, and pin up maternity dresses that accentuate feminine curves and baby bump, these shops will make sure every retro mommy is satisfied. MamaSan even offers rockabilly baby clothes for the new bundles of joy.

rockabilly maternity dress

For days when a lady just doesn’t feel like dressing up but has to, CafePress carries stylish,cute and comfortable tee shirts for pin-up ladies. With cute styles such as anchors and cherries, a retro mother-to-be will feel definitely look adorable even if she might not feel like it.

Pin-up maternity wear may still be scarce but luckily, what is available, is rocka-FABULOUS.

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