Dead Threads – Never Fitting In Amongst The Living

Dead Threads – Never Fitting In Amongst The Living

The darker side of society is rarely ever seen with accepting eyes, especially the dark side of the fashion industry.

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Dead Threads may sound a little morbid but the online store is fully alive and well. Dead Threads is passionate about punk, goth and grunge fashion. One may not even believe that deep within the chambers of this website, that rockabilly fashion is in abundance and is just as stylish as ever.

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Dead Threads designers think of themselves as “the nail that just won’t be hammered in”, reflecting their eccentric stand against normal society through their fashion. Dead Threads started it’s engine in the year 2005, revving up success through constantly creating and putting out new and fresh designs. Founded in The United Kingdom, Dead Threads now has veins connecting to The United States, Canada, Australia and throughout Europe.

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When people normally think about rockabilly fashion they imagine the rough retro look of almost trashy glamor. Mismatched tops and bottoms, loud prints and bright cherry red bandanas. Dead Threads offers a little more of an alternative style, catching people off guard with buckled boots and prints of anchors, cupcakes and zebra stripes. Bringing the metallic twinge of goth into rockabilly can create a spontaneous and exciting wardrobe. Adding spikes, studs, and chains to a classic cut 1950s dress may seem a little scary but in reality it’s a sexy and bold fashion statement.

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Souls that are entwined with the punk, goth, and vintage styles will find peace in Dead Threads. Their rockabilly collection coming alive in the sultry night time like 1950 vampires. There is no shame in a person wearing a metal buckled rockabilly dress with a vibrant colored bandana, holding back their tenderly curled hair. Dead threads doesn’t have much for bright colors, mostly donning black with some reds, blues and sparse neon colors.

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So finding a curve fitting cheetah spotted dress isn’t going to happen. Dead Threads sticks to what it knows and what its passionate about, bringing the world unique and dark fashion that awakens the senses. Rockabilly ladies shouldn’t shy away from punk rock and goth fused fashion. They’ll never know what they can find.

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