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TiCCi – Rockabilly Clothing

Rockabilly Clothing by TiCCi

Hungarian designer, Stefania Agoston, is a lover of Rock N’ Roll and the styles of the 1950s. The designers, musicians and starlets of that decade inspire her collections, helping her create an accurate depiction of that bubbly 1950s fashion while adding her own Rock N Roll twists.

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All Pictures with friendly Permission by TICCI Rockabilly

ticci rockabilly clothing

Hence her Rockabilly collection for ladies was born into the world. Starting off as an Etsy shop, TiCCi has grown and developed into it’s own online clothing store, offering snazzy rockabilly, maternity and wedding apparel.

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TiCCi offers limited edition dresses, designed specifically for the wearer. Stefania has a quaint boutique in Budapest, filled with already designed outfits for shoppers. Taking appointments, she also works one on one with customers providing custom made rockabilly garments and wedding dresses. TiCCi doesn’t just cater to women, she also spoils the men and children rotten with custom made edgy clothing from the playful decade.

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For years now, TiCCi has been a bright light amidst the storm of modern day fashion, dishing out saucy pin-up outfit after another. Coated in leopard spots, skulls, and red, white and blue sailor stripes, TiCCi is one adorable bundle of retro clothing. Saying eternal vows in a TiCCi wedding dress is a ceremony one will not forget easily. These aren’t typical white and flowy gowns, TiCCi makes every dress a little slice of Rock N’ Roll heaven.

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From a halter top sun dresses decorated in red cherries to a short white dress that shows miles of bare leg, one can imagine getting hitched amongst the bright lights of Vegas then riding off into the sunset in a vintage Cadillac. TiCCis Rockabilly maternity choices aren’t as spontaneous as the style of a shotgun wedding but are still fun. Checkered prints and cute sailor themed dresses make for one cozy and stylish nine months.

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TiCCi may stand out for supplying rockabilly ladies with vintage outfits for their biggest moments in life but it doesn’t mean they exclude dresses for just everyday moments. Everything in TiCCis growing inventory is a ray of golden sunlight, beaming down on a chic leopard print jacket of a rockabilly princess.