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Juke Jive

Juke Jive

For that rockabilly who prefers to maintain a sense of elegant and sophisticated fashion that is reminiscent of the 1920s to 1950s era, Juke Jive, a german Store has everything that you need.


The quality and craftsmanship of the shirts, jackets, and trousers at Juke Jive are second to none. Many of the garments are sewn are sewn according to the original or vintage pattern. The attention to detail coupled with originality make Juke Jive the online men’s store for classic fashion.

The sporty motorcycle jackets are not only well-fitting, they have intricate stitching on the sleeves and on the back. Though the jackets can be made to match perfectly to make an outfit with other items purchased, the wearer should be creative and mix the jacket with other pieces in his wardrobe. This can create an edgy look, while still maintaining a sense of timelessness.

Juke Jive certainly has no shortage of men’s shirts. These shirts are classic and original and can and should be combined with trousers and jackets from the shop as, well as other pieces in your wardrobe.

Well-made and fitting trousers are essential to every man’s wardrobe. Again, the attention to detail, craftsmanship and quality material that is trademark at Juke Jive is sure to please even the most discriminating male.

Juke Jive also has a wide array of accessories-shoes (creepers, boots,and Chucks), belts, and hats. And if you need to create a special look for a date with your pin up girl, you can even purchase pomade for your hair and sideburns so that you can have that Greaser look.

If pricing is an area of concern for you, there is a reduced price section. It is important to note here that just because these items are sold at a reduced price, you will not be purchasing an item of lower quality. You will still get the same quality as with the more expensive pieces.

From head to toe, and everything in between, Juke Jive has everything a man needs to keep his look timeless, classic, and current.