Where to Find Retro Swimwear

Where to Find Retro Swimwear

Pin up is known for it’s playful aura, ladies being modest teases while doing everyday tasks. The most popular and alluring of pin-up shots being sun soaked babes playing with beach balls under coconut trees.

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Swimwear has come a long ways for women, from swimming almost fully clothed to wearing skimpy string bikinis. Nothing really ever comes close to the swimsuits styling of the 1940s and 1950s, where just enough midriff and cleavage are exposed so cause a thrill. Modest, classy, fun-spirited styles for women with ample curves and bright smiles. Retro swimwear today is usually created by hand through small online shops, dealing out simple collections of high quality vintage swimwear that captures the true spirit of pin-up pieces. As the popularity for vintage styles increases, more and more fashion designers are taking up the challenge of producing steamy retro swimwear for ladies.

One of the more popular styles for retro swimwear is Rockabilly, taking classic elegant bathing suits from the 1940s and 50’s, then jazzing them up with leopard spots, vibrant cherries, and adorable swallows. Rockabilly inspired swimwear are best seen with victory curls, bows, and colored bandanas used as head-bands. Websites such as SugarDoll, For Luna, Modcloth, Tokyo Motto Grrrl, The Red Dolly Swimwear, Dillinger Pin-up, and Kustenluder have top quality rockabilly retro swimwear and Pin Up Bikinis. Edgy collections, filled to the brim with eye catching prints and classic vintage styles. Every piece is screaming for a trip to the beach on the back of a smooth motorcycle.

Some ladies prefer the more timeless Hollywood image of vintage bathing suits, modeling their appearances after pin-up stars, such as Esther Williams. Esther was an Olympian swimmer and actress, starring in movies about swimming. After having children her business savvy blossomed into selling retro swimwear from her era. Who better to buy retro swimwear from than the one and only Esther Williams?

Other online boutiques that cater to the glamorous world of retro swimwear are Drama Queen, Fables by Barrie, and Dillinger Pin-up.

The world of retro swimwear is an exciting and colorful place, with so many colorful bold designs and saucy twists. Shopping around is the best way to find the best retro swimsuit.