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Very Cherry

Specializing in vintage pin-up and rockabilly style clothing, Very Cherry is a Dutch online boutique that offers several unique, yet classic fashions.

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All Images with friendly Permission by Very Cherry

The designs available remain true to the classic era of fashion while incorporating modern brands and materials into the patterns. Very Cherry has offered its designer clothing for several years worldwide from its Rotterdam location.

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Overall, the site is very easy to use. Every brand the online store carries is located on the left hand side in an organized column. While the site may be difficult to read in English, Very Cherry offers many recognizable labels that have the same names in Dutch and English.

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Pinup Couture, Heartbreaker, Fever London, Stop Staring and other high-end brands are displayed when “Zoek op merk” is clicked. The site can also be organized by type of clothing, such as tops, dresses, and accessories by clicking “Zoek op categorie.” Images are also clear and accurate, making it easier to shop.

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Very Cherry also offers its own line of pin-up style clothing for women, Very Cherry Clothing. The label copies many of the classic designs while adding unique flair. Because the prices of vintage style clothing can be high, Very Cherry Clothing offers their designs at a slightly lower cost, enabling women to get a great look for less money. Most of the Very Cherry Clothing designs are available for about 100 Euros or less. Styles are true to retro fashion and expand on simple ideas, such as the classic rockabilly polka dot dress.


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The online boutique also has several bags, shoes, accessories, and children’s clothing to choose from. This makes coordinating the outfit easy, making Very Cherry a one-stop place to shop for pin-up styles. Many of the children’s styles available are similar to the adult styles available, giving children the opportunity to have a sophisticated look or coordinate with their parents.

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The site is very easy to order from in English. Very Cherry accepts Paypal and many major credit cards. Shipping from overseas is also fairly priced based on the amount purchased. Tutorials on how to make purchases in English are also available on the website and provide more detailed instructions.