A fascinator is a popular type of headpiece worn by women to secure and embellish the hair for function and style. The word fascinator originally referred to a type of lace head covering similar to a shawl, often made with wool, lace, and feathers. Nowadays, a fascinator is a pin up inspired piece often worn as an addition to formal wear. It’s usually a large decoration on a clip or headband that can be as simple or elaborate as the outfit requires.
Fascinators often give a little retro flair to an outfit, worn to weddings, balls, and other events where hats used to be worn. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect fascinator, whether it’s made with a clip, band, or even a comb, there are plenty of online shops from around the world that can cater to just what you need.

For a piece that accentuates your vintage-inspired style, check out shops that offer fascinators such as Love Burlesque for some 1920s cabaret pieces, Gothesque.de for something sexy, dark, and mysterious, Miss Mole for bright rockabilly colors and styles, Big Beautiful Barbara Brown for adorable pin up chic fascinators, Silvie Jungbluth Design for some classic pin up girl couture, Emerald Angel for circus-inspired polka dots and prints, Retro Kitten Apparel/Gypsies Do It Better for fierce patterns and hot looks, Dollhouse Bettie for lacy lingerie-inspired styles and delicate accents, and Pinup Girl Fashion for everything inspired by Marilyn, Bettie, and Dita.

Shops like this make it easy to find something that’s as modern, vintage, goth, or rockabilly as you prefer. Whether your look is sugar and spice, hot and sassy, or anywhere in between, you’ll find pieces with lace, leather, flowers, sparkles, funky prints, fancy embellishments, or anything else you can think of that will accent your dress, shoes, and handbag for a formal affair.

Aside from fascinators, many of these shops also offer clothing and other accessories to perfectly accentuate your favorite head pieces, so while you’re likely going to find a fascinator you love, you just might find a dress, some shoes, and maybe even a handbag or other accessories as well. Browse through and see what these shops can do for your style!