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FairyGothMother is primarily known for their divine steel-boned corsets, but they are also one of the most extensive and famous burlesque lingerie and retrocouture merchants in the world.

First introduced online in 1999 and now also available in their eponymous Camden shop and their Lulu and Lush boutique in Old Spitalfields Market, London, FairyGothMother has items from well-known vintage designers like Velda Lauder, Ayten Gasson and Miss Croften, as well as many retro brands like Valkyrie Corsets, Kiss Me Deadly and their own Lulu and Lush collection.

The FairyGothMother corsets offered are truly gorgeous, in gothic and burlesque styles plus over bust, under bust, bridal and strapped designs, as well as their specialized line for true corset aficionados that whittle one’s waist down to nothing. Their passion for corsetry extends to wearable comfort as well as drop dead gorgeous styling, and they offer helpful guides to both choosing and caring for corsets for those new to the style. Theirs are long-term investments, which fit perfectly and are easy to adjust. As time passes each corset will gradually mold itself to its wearer, becoming a completely personalized garment.

FairyGothMother’s non-corset lingerie selection features high-glamour, burlesque and couture-boutique items from bras and knickers to bloomers to tutus and thongs. Their sexy silk kimonos, sheer black pin up sets, red satin glamour girl bra and knicker combinations plus super-styled shapewear and girdles will satisfy the fancy of every type of lingerie connoisseurs.

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Not just a purveyor of high-quality niche undergarments, FairyGothMother also has a large selection of pin up, rockabilly and retro-glamour separates and dresses from wiggles and petticoats to bombshells and even circle-skirted swings. They offer amazing full-and-tea length prom dresses unlike anywhere else in corset, goth, pin up and burlesque styles, and for the true fashionista, there are scads of sumptuous couture burlesque and retro gowns.

All of their sizes are listed in UK and U.S. measurements and the prices listed on their sites are in UK pounds. Prices range from £25 to over £500, depending on the items. Shipping is free in the UK on orders over £100; European shipping costs £6.95 and worldwide costs £9.95. They accept many credit cards including MasterCard and Visa as well as Paypal Request for Payment.

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