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Outer Limitz Clothing

Outer Limitz Clothing

Outer Limitz Clothing is an online clothing boutique with retro-inspired pieces handmade in the United Kingdom. They also offer select vintage pieces, offering the opportunity for true pin up and retro girl and guy style.


In the Outer Limitz Clothing shop you’ll find all sorts of vintage and retro-inspired dresses, suitable for any woman’s style. You’ll find a-line dresses in flashy Hawaiian prints, pencil skirted dresses in solids and polka dots, asymmetrical tops and skirts, and much more. Outer Limitz Clothing is known for their Hawaiian styles, so this is the perfect shop if you’re looking for a cute dress to wear to a luau over the summer.

Aside from many Hawaiian and classic pin up girl dresses, Outer Limitz Clothing also has a wonderful selection of 1950s style Mexican dresses, beautifully created with a sleeveless black top and brightly colored full skirt in traditional Mexican print. These are wonderful dresses for the women who loves Dia De Los Muertos.

Dress your dapper dude up in some of Outer Limitz Clothing, too. The store is chock-full of button-down shirts in all sorts of stripes, solids, and prints, and there is no shortage of classic and retro Hawaiian styles for the guys, too. Find a dress and a button-down guys shirt in matching styles for the perfect pair at your next summer party.

Outer Limitz Clothing also has a small selection of dressy retro-inspired shoes for ladies to wear with their new dress. Find the perfectly matching pair of kitten heels, or a higher heel with fun colors such as glitter pink, flashy gold, and sleek black. Most of the shoes offered match the dresses perfectly, so it’s easy to find an entire outfit at Outer Limitz Clothing.

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Outer Limitz Clothing makes it easy to buy online with confidence, offering a page of sizing information so you can figure out just the right size for your body shape. Before browsing, take down your measurements and get a feel for what works best with your body. Once you have it down, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect pin up clothing with a retro flare that enhances and flaunts your gorgeous body and curves.

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