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Sailor Jerry

Sailor Jerry

Sailor Jerry is an online store for men and women who love punk rock, tattoos, and classic greaser and rockabilly style. Sailor Jerry was started by Norman Collins, a sailor known for his obsession with rugged tattoo art, classic pin up style, and stand-out bright colors. On the Sailor Jerry website you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about the sailor icon, as well as his famous rum products and cool gear and apparel for men and women.

Sailor Jerry clothing is for the ladies who are passionate about sailor-inspired sassy pin up style, classic rockabilly music, and who aren’t afraid to flaunt their true style whether it involves tattoos, purple hair, or funky piercings. Browse through the ladies clothing section and you’ll find all sorts of tank tops, hoodies, and t-shirts with wild screen-printed styles such as sexy sailor chicks, gypsy designs, roses, anchors, skulls and crossbones, and other styles that will take you back to the days of bright red lipstick, bold cat-eye glasses, and plunging halter tops that hug every woman’s body.

There’s also a full variety of clothing for the guys at Sailor Jerry, including button-down plaid shirts, screen printed tees and tanks, leather jackets, hoodies, clothing patches, and much more.

Add a little more to your outfit with the many accessories offered in the Sailor Jerry Shop. You’ll find all sorts of rockabilly and retro belt buckles, hats, bandanas, patches, purses, watches, and messenger bags. These pieces are perfect for adding a little sailor punk flair to a modern or basic outfit, whether it’s a belt buckle or patch on your favorite winter jacket.

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You’ll even find gifts for your retro-loving friends. Shop Sailor Jerry gifts and find beer mugs and glasses, books, skateboards, and even cocktail shakers. Whether it’s a birthday or housewarming party, it’s a great way to give that punk prince or princess something they will truly love.

Sailor Jerry is a truly iconic one-stop shop for true rockabilly style whether you’re in need of a bottle of his classic rum, matching t-shirts for you and your dude, or a gift for your best friend. Browse through for a vast selection from one of the most famous sailors in the world!