Nubia Wear

Nubia Wear

Nubia Wear is a retro pin up-inspired clothing shop opened by sisters Noemi and Adele in 2001. Their alternative fashion line has attracted buyers from all over the world through various fashion shows, where they show off pieces designed through their inspiration and love for vintage eras. Nubia Wear is known for consistent production of new designs, great quality, and affordable prices.

One admirable part of Nubia Wear is that their products manufactured in Europe under fair trade conditions, an issue that is passionate to both designers. The clothing is never mass-produced in a large factory, and they keep conditions, salaries, and quality at the highest standards. As a result, each customer receives pieces that are made to last with peace of mind knowing each garment was made in an ethically sound environment.

When browsing through Nubia Wear, you’ll notice a variety of retro, pin up, and rockabilly inspired pieces with plenty of sassy stripes, colorful contrasts, delicate lace accents, and funky patterns that allow any guy or gal to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a costume, everyday wear, or something that can be worn in a business casual way, you’ll find something here.

The retro pin up section has something for every woman, whether you’re on the hunt for pencil skirts, a-line skirts, dresses resembling what’s worn in shows such as Mad Men, skull printed rockabilly gear, and much more. Whether you love polka dots, stripes, or sweet solids, you’ll find the perfect outfit at Nubia Wear.

Aside from dresses, skirts, tops, and other basics, Nubia Wear is known for their unique geisha, gothic, steampunk, and fairy clothing for ladies who love renaissance and medieval style. You’ll find all sorts of hoodies with fluttering sleeves, corset-tied tops and bottoms, cape-like jackets, lace tops, and much more. If you believe black is the new black and you’re passionate about the renaissance era, you’ll love what Nubia Wear offers for you.

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There’s no shortage of costume-wear, everyday wear, pin up-inspired looks, rockabilly style, cyber wear, and standout steampunk clothing at Nubia Wear. If you’re ready to kick your wardrobe up a notch, browse through and see what this awesome clothing line has to offer.

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