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Modemerr Bernie Dexter and Katy Perry are two celebrities who have revived the popular and seductive retro and pinup styles of the 1950’s. Modemerr is a popular brand that takes on these trends, devoting itself to pinup, rockabilly and retro style.

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Each of Modemerr pin up dresses are made by hand, and are made for women of all styles, shapes and sizes. Clothing ranges from XXS to XXXL, so virtually any woman is able to embrace her inner pinup girl.

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Designer Angela Zampell had a long-term dream of designing a clothing line with fashionable clothing of all shapes and sizes. All products are made in the United States, and the attention to detail, superior craftmanship and close connection to her country are what make Modemerr the ultimate dream job for Angela.

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Modemerr is an independent fashion company, so no other brands are sold in the stores. Modemerr creates styles for women who are naughty and brave, flirty and feminine, and retro and fashionable alike. Perfectly cut skirts, cocktail dresses and playful lingerie are all popular items sold by Modemerr.

Feminine waists, ruffled tops, soft cotton and jersey dresses are all sold, and each item reflects styles of 1950’s fashion. Good girls can find elegant skirts and ruffles, while bad girls can find seductive vamp styles and clothing to emphasize their curves. Each piece of clothing is designed in a form-fitted manner to emphasize curves and bring out a feminine silhouette in every woman.

Aside from fashionable threads, accessories are also in stock to dress up the playful outfits. Elegant pearls, black patent leather pumps, satin gloves and lace purses can embellish any outfit. Jewelry designer Martha Rotten creates a variety of accessories sold in the online store. Skulls, bones and other adventurous pinup and rockabilly styles are all used, so women of any style can find something perfect for their taste.

When ordering pin up dresses from Modemerr, each garment is made according to your specific shape, size and needs with careful craftmanship. Your order is shipped in just three to four weeks, and you have ten days to exchange your items if they do not fit just right. Customized, hand-crafted goods made in the United States. This is precisely what Modemerr has to offer.