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EC Star

EC Star

Founded in 1994, EC Star is a classy pin up, retro, rockabilly, vintage and mod-inspired boutique with one-of-a-kind designs created with the goal of staying true to the roots of the retro eras so many of us covet over today. The unique statement made by EC Star in the fashion industry strives to be different, continually evolving into a unique brand that offers pieces one step above the rest. Their high quality products are created with the utmost care, designed to look just as eye-catching in person as they do on a mannequin or model.

In the women’s section of EC Star, you’ll find a variety of dresses with a hint of vintage, pin up and retro, mixed in with a bit of modern taste for a truly original, timeless and classy look. Find something flowy such as the Astor Dress, Claudette Dress in black or houndstooth, or the Franchette dress. For something a little more form fitting, the Forget Paris Dress, Chandon Dress, or Lisette Dress are the perfect options. 

Aside from adorable dresses, women can also find a wide variety of accessories, hoodies, pants, jackets, skirts, sweaters, tops and t shirts, all able to be combined for a look that is as retro, vintage or mod as you want. Mix and match bold colors and prints, or go for a more basic black and white look. Either way, you’ll be looking timeless and fashionable in your true-to-form, comfortable and affordable clothes.

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Men can also shop at EC Star, finding affordable and stylish t-shirts, button down shirts, neck ties and hankys, perfect as a manly accessory to a retro suit worn on a formal night out. Label tees and striped button downs are some of the most popular items available for men, creating the perfect complement to their gorgeous retro woman’s outfit.

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EC Star also has wholesale options for retailers who are looking to feature their brand in their store. The designers at EC Star work to create high quality products that can be sold around the world, reaching a variety of customers who are passionate about vintage clothing.

For everything pin up, retro, vintage and even rockabilly, check out what you can create with the products at EC Star.

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