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Savage Wear

Savage Wear
Savage Wear is a burlesque, pin up, retro and rockabilly-inspired boutique specializing in fancy latex wear, founded in Berlin in 2004. The goal of the designers is to create real, wearable latex clothing that can be incorporated into virtually any outfit or costume, no matter how casual or extreme. For special effect type of looks, they also incorporate other materials with latex and liquid latex for one-of-a-kind looks.

Each piece of latex clothing at Savage Wear is designed and manufactured by the designers, with attention to detail and craftsmanship of the utmost importance. Latex is ordered from the English-based company 4-D Rubber, available in a wide variety of colors and thickness levels. Each piece can be custom tailored to your preferred level of thickness to guarantee the perfect piece of latex wear. One unique aspect of their latex pieces is that they are glued, not sewn, to make sure the flexibility and durability of the clothing stays effective and in tact no matter how often it is worn.

In the women’s section of the online shop you will find an endless variety of dresses, tops, skirts, catsuits, corsets, pants, underwear and accessories. Men can even find latex clothing here such as tops, trousers, skirts, corsets and accessories. No matter what your measurements or what kind of latex piece you are looking for, Savage Wear has pieces for both men and women that are made in a variety of colors and thickness levels to perfectly fit your shape and hug your curves.

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The vivaciously sexy look of latex is available at Savage Wear in basic pieces such as plain skirts and tops, but also in more extreme styles such as costume pieces and corsetry with woven contrast colors throughout dresses, tops and pants that can be adjusted for an even tighter and sexier look. Whether it’s a solid black skirt or catsuit, army green top to sneak under a work cardigan or a full latex dress that hugs you all over from the neck down, you will find it all in one place at Savage Wear.

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Browse through the diverse selection of pin up, retro and rockabilly-inspired styles in latex available at Savage Wear for the perfect look for any occasion.