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Kaos Corsets

Kaos Corsets is a pin up, retro, rockabilly and burlesque themed boutique known for their sexy, high quality corsetry. Established in 1992, they started a line in order to provide sexy and affordable corsets to women of all ages, shapes and sizes. They range from lightly boned waspies to steel boned corsets, with each piece individually hand made at their headquarters in the UK.

The website for KaosCorsets is updated regularly with new stock and styles, so if you’re looking to find something in particular, be sure to check back on occasion to see what new styles they have to offer.

Corsets and waspies are two of the most popular items sold at KaosCorsets. Steel boned corsets create the most form fitting shape and look, while waspies are more simple and less constricting if you’re not looking for a specific look. Each section has similar patterns and look, whether you’re looking for a classic black lace look, sexy polka dots, soft pink and white stripes, black and red contrasts, or black and white pin stripes. Corsets and waspies are ideal for formal wear, burlesque performances and even Halloween costumes, whether you’re looking for a gothic masquerade look or just need a sexy top to accent your formal dress.

If you’re looking for the perfect bottoms to wear with your corset, KaosCorsets also offers bottoms to go with virtually any outfit. Sexy fringe flapper looks, form fitting pencil skirts, high cut polka dot shirts for a cute pin up style, and long fishnet skirts for a formal night out.

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Looking for something to top off the outfit? KaosCorsets also offers adorable yet sexy top hats, available in solid black and accented with brightly colored flowers and lace veils for a gothic, punk or elegant look. These hats can suit a variety of styles, it all depends what the rest of your outfit entails.

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Lastly, there is a section of “extras” if you require special care for your corset, whether it’s a modesty panel, extra long busk or specific shipping prices. KaosCorsets does everything in their abilities to create the perfect corset and have it sent to you in the perfect amount of time.

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