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Drama Queen Swimwear

Drama Queen Swimwear

Drama Queen Swimwear
is inspired by pin up, retro, rockabilly and burlesque lovers of the modern day. Designed to bring out the bombshell in any woman, Drama Queen Swimwear offers retro styles in all sorts of colors, patterns, cuts and prices. Their swimwear and lingerie pieces are perfect whether you’re looking for something sexy to wear for a day at the beach, or a show stopping piece for a performance that will have onlookers stopping dead in their tracks. Burlesque professionals and genuine pin up lovers all find unforgettable, high quality pieces in the selection offered at Drama Queen Swimwear.

For full coverage in your retro swimsuit, the Audrey Swimsuit is a fun and flirty one-piece. Black and white contrasts and a rose print flatter any body type whether you’re petite or curvaceous.

For more of a sassy sailor look, the Dolly Bikini comes in a cobalt blue color with white ruffles and red trim accents. A halter bikini top with full support and a full bikini bottom also make this a perfect choice for women of all shapes and sizes. The Matey Swimsuit is another cute sailor-inspired choice, with red, white and blue accents on a monokini style. White buttons accent the tidy bottoms for a clean finish. The Sailor Bikini, Sailor Swimsuit and Skipper Bikini also offer variations on sailor-inspired looks with patriotic red, white and blue accents.

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Looking for something much sassier than the red, white and blue classics? The Safari Bikini is perfect for you. The leopard print bikini offers full coverage on the top and bottom, with red ruffled accents for a flapper-inspired look. For more leopard print coverage, the Sheena Swimsuit is a monokini with red ruffle accents and a red bow to top it off in the middle.

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The best part about shopping for swimwear at Drama Queen Swimwear? You can mix and match pieces to customize the perfect piece for you, so if you love one top and one bottom in the many red, white and blue styles, you can make your own suit for the perfect look! Wear them to sunbathe or for a sassy burlesque look, you’ll have everyone’s head turning in your direction.

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