Lady Oops

Lady Oops

Lady Oops
is a latex couture boutique started by Mariette Hendricks, who took her love for latex, pin up and retro couture fashion and turned it into a clothing line of her own. Her experience working with various retro and corsetry shops fed her passion for the industry and looks, and after freelance fashion design, traveling the world and working for various companies, she started Lady Oops to begin selling her own original designs.

The latex corsets and burlesque latex clothing are made with striking detail, hugging a woman’s curves and bringing out her killer femininity. Tailor made, hand crafted corsets are available for women who want something perfectly customized for them, their body and their event. Whether you’re a burlesque dancer or just have a love for latex and want a sexy, unforgettable piece that will stand out and perfectly hug your curves and enhance your assets, Lady Oops will make the perfect attire for you.

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Latex corsets aren’t the only pieces offered at Lady Oops. Sexy latex uniforms are also available, whether it’s for a costume party or show, burlesque performance or for a night when you’re feeling adventurous and want to dress up professional yet sexy for the bedroom. Latex police uniforms and nurse outfits are available for the ladies, and men, there’s something for you too. Dress up in a latex police shirt or retro inspired sailor top to channel the sexy sailor look so many women lust over.

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Latex skirts and dresses are also sold at Lady Oops, the perfect piece to add to one of the many sexy corsets. Knee length latex ruffled and flared skirts in red, black and yellow will hug your hips and thighs, giving a fitted, sexy head to toe latex look. For a sexy latex corporate look, go for the Fifties Frilled Knee Length Skirt, a pink 50s pin up style look that comes in pale pink with red accents for a flirty and feminine style that still has the burlesque and rockabilly latex look.

Men and women of all shapes and sizes can find the perfect latex look, whether it’s a simple top, sexy corset or hip hugging skirt. Grab your favorite stilettos for the perfect look from head to toe.