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Pin Ups Holly Lounge

Pin Ups Holly Lounge

Pin Ups Holly Lounge is pin up, retro, vintage and rockabilly inspired boutique that sells sexy women’s wear that resembles the looks commonly worn in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Confident and sexy women who love the look of playsuits, girdles, thigh high pantyhose, sky high stilettos and corsets will love the variety of one of a kind pieces offered at Pin Ups Holly Lounge. Not only is each piece unique, but they are true to style and form when it comes to styles worn during retro eras.

For the sexy woman who loves a fitted corset that hugs her curves, cinches her waists and boosts her cleavage, the corsets at Pin Ups Holly Lounge are definitely a coveted commodity. Pink, white and red corsets with black polka dots and lace trim are perfect for costumes, burlesque performances or a top for a formal evening worn with an elegant, flowing skirt. Other styles include lace prints, cabaret style black designs, baby pink lace trim and sexy red satin with black accents. Whether you’re flirty and feminine or fierce and want a rockabilly edge, Pin Ups Holly Lounge has the perfect corset for you.

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Every sexy corsets needs some thigh high pantyhose or stockings to go along with it. Fishnet pantyhose, back-seamed pantyhose, lace patterns, bows and stripes are just some of the pantyhose patterns you can find, each one designed to bring out a woman’s sex appeal. Top them off with a pair of sexy lace panties or bloomers, offered in a variety of colors that can perfectly match your corset and enhance the look of your thigh highs.

For lingerie sets, Pin Ups Holly Lounge sells top and bottoms together for a perfectly coordinated lingerie outfit whether it’s to be kept in the bedroom, worn as part of a retro costume or used in a sexy burlesque striptease performance. Zebra stripes, leopard print and delicate pink lace are all available.

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Whether you’re shy and flirty or fiercely feminine, Pin Ups Holly Lounge has something that will bring out the sexy bombshell in every woman. Tease your hair and accentuate the eyeliner for a look that will have everyone’s eyes on you.

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