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TimeLess Vixen

TimeLess Vixen

TimeLess Vixen is an online vintage shop that carries styles from the 1870s all the way to the 1970s. Fashionistas with a penchant for any specific era, whether it’s the roaring 20s or the swinging 50s, all shop at Timeless Vixen for vintage dresses and outfits that are in excellent condition.

The shop has an exquisite collection of high quality dresses, ranging from simple day dresses to Hawaiian styles to elegant evening dresses, even those suitable for a wedding dress. Vintage wedding dresses don’t only come in white from this store, if you want something that is colorful and will stand out with an unforgettable look, TimeLess Vixen offers just the style. Pink, blue, green or yellow might not be for everyone, but it is a daring and eye catching original color that many women choose to wear if they want to have a retro or pin up style wedding dress.

There are also plenty of evening dresses available, made with high quality flowing fabrics and wide swinging skirts with slim, sexy waists, perfect for a night spent out on the dance floor. You’ll channel the looks of dancers from the 1950s, and whether you’re headed to a lavish party, elegant ball or a romantic evening out with your significant other, the “timeless” factor in these Timeless Vixen dresses will certainly stand out from the crowd.

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TimeLess Vixen captures each and every shopper, bringing them to past decades and providing them with the opportunity to dress like the pin up, flapper or elegant women of those years. The dresses come with history and significance, each style representing an era and how women chose to express themselves and their personal style.

TimeLess Vixen also offers fun patterned dresses for an evening out with your girlfriends, a day at the park or even to wear to work during the day. These dresses are mainly from the 50s and are ideal for a picnic in the countryside, a shopping spree throughout the city or a lunch date with your best friend. No matter what the circumstance, classic 50s dresses in bold patterns make a statement with their one of a kind retro looks.

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Each piece is thoroughly described in detail in the online shop. The condition is clearly noted along with accurate measurements, so you can make sure you are receiving a vintage piece that is high quality, well maintained and incredibly fashionable.