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TO.mTO Berlin

TO.mTO Berlin

Berlin designer Tonia Merz specializes in a particularly seductive and attractive type of fashionable corsets. Men and women alike have discovered the appeal of TO.mTO Korsetts, with a wide variety of designs suitable for virtually any figure, occasion or personal taste or style.

There are different types of corsets available by TO.mTO Korsetts. Using many different materials and design elements, she assembles different pieces according to the personal needs of the customer and the style they are looking for. She creates custom corsets that help you feel comfortable while wearing them rather than finding it painful and difficult to breathe. These corsets are so comfortable they will feel like a second skin while making you feel beautiful, elegant and sexy, whatever you are after.

Aside from custom making corsets to help each customer feel their best, the high quality materials create the perfect finish at first class service that is truly unbeatable. The corsets are of the utmost quality and so durable, they will last for years without wearing down or falling apart.

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Corsets sold on TO.mTO Korsetts are available in over the bust styles, under the bust styles, and even men’s styles. Corsets are made to fit the body typeand preferences of virtually any model, so if you are fuller figured or tiny and petite, a comfortable fit will be hand crafted just for you. If you’re looking for something that is super elegant and tasteful, the shimmery emerald green silk is great for a formal evening out. For something a little more romantic and timeless looking, the magnolia blossom styles with golden accents brings back the looks of retro and pin up eras. You’ll feel like a member of the royal court in these looks.

For something a little less formal and a little more seductive, there are corsets made with leather and lace finishes for the ultimate sex appeal. For something sexy yet a bit more sweet and innocent, polka dots offer the perfect look.

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TO.mTO Korsetts can be worn many different ways and have been worn and shown off by many celebrities. Katy Perry, Pussycat Dolls, Nina Hagen, Jennifer Lopez and Barbara Schöneberg are just some of the popular women who have sported one of Tonia’s custom corsets.

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