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Since 1999, Revanche De La Femme has specialized in high quality corsets to be worn for burlesque, rockabilly, pin up, retro and modern elegant looks. They supplement the corset varieties in their shop with boleros, skirts, and other accessories to be worn with them for whatever look you aim to achieve.

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With more than 40 different cuts of corsets, there are over 80 materials used in the creation of each piece, manufactured in Italy, France and England through traditional weaving mills made exclusively for Revanche De La Femme. The corsets and designs are 100% free of plastic, including the use of high quality stainless and flexible metal for maximum durability.

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Products are made to an exact fit with precise, quick and complex processing of each order. The corset variety at Revanche De La Femme is vast and filled with options for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. The satin corsets come in all sorts of colors, from bold and elegant reds to jet black to cream colored skin tones with colored accents.

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Underbust corsets can be worn as part of a burlesque tease show or over a button down short sleeved t shirt for a professional look. Pair it with a pencil skirt for a sexy, curve hugging and form fitting look. If you’re new to the world of corsetry, there are waistcincher corsets offered by Revanche De La Femme that are considered perfect for beginners.

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While they still strongly accent your waste and create the silhouette of a perfect fitting corset, waistcinchers provide additional breathing room and allow completely free movement, so you can adjust to the feel of a corset without the restraint.

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If this is your first time diving into the world of gorgeous corsets, a waistcincher is what you need to get started. Aside from the classic and traditional full corsets, there are other options available as add-ons to create an even more customized look.

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Half bust, under bust and zip up corsets are also offered, if you are looking for a corset piece to wear over other tops or as a subtle accent. Each look can be finished off with an option from the skirts and accessories section to create the perfect, one of a kind style.

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