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Lulu and Lush

Lulu and Lush

Lulu and Lush works closely with Fairy Gothmother to create an array of luxurious designer steel boned corsets, dresses, lingerie pieces and more.

One of the most widely recognized creators of corsets across the world, they specialize in bridal wear, evening wear and prom dresses that are crafted by some of the best designers across the globe. They work with fine and delicate pieces of silk, satin and brocades to create quality that lasts for years and years.

The looks of Lulu and Lush pieces are inspired by pin up, burlesque and seductive retro looks. Whether you need a costume piece to wear for a sexy burlesque performance, some shapewear to slim your body under a sexy evening dress or a corset to finish off your wedding or prom dress, there is something in this boutique for you. There is a selection of top and bottom separates in skirts, burlesque pieces, coats, and even flashier petticoats, so you can customize your own outfit if there is an idea you have in mind.

The dress section of Lulu and Lush ranges from delicate florals to bright retro solid colors, with fitted pencil skirts and ruffled swing skirts galore. Whether it’s something work appropriate or something you want to wear for a fun evening out or even for a retro themed costume, the dress section has a variety of polka dot, sequined, solid and patterned varieties for virtually any woman’s taste.

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For some true designer inspiration, check out the couture section of Lulu and Lush. Silk skirts and corsets, long overbust dresses, silk formal wear and colorful bustiers can all be found in this luxurious section.

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Whether it’s prom, a wedding, a performance or a sexy night out where you want to look your best while pulling off some burlesque inspiration, the variety of pieces from Lulu and Lush offer something for everyone. Customers can enjoy the selection from all across the globe with worldwide shipping options. For those located in London, the boutique is open everyday and designers are available for custom fittings. Make a visit to the shop or website and you’ll be well on your way to finding the sexiest silk outfit perfect for the bedroom or a special event!

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